Intro to Accreditation, Assessment, and Institutional Effectiveness

Course Description

In this course there will be an intentional strategy to consider how data is at the foundation of accreditation, assessment, and program review.  Course readings and assignments will guide university leaders to pivot from data collection to data-driven application. Course topics will include, but not limited to: unpacking the concept of ‘big data’ in higher education, correlating data to campus communities, and measuring the value of current approaches to data collection.

Course Outcomes

  • Learners will understand what the intention of the assessment is (the approach)
  • Participants will learn how to perform an assessment (the method)
  • Participants will identify the strategies needed to develop the assessment (the design)
  • Learners will define what instrument they will use to complete the assessment  (the instrument)

 Overview of the Course

  • Module 1 Assuring Program Quality Overview: explores the importance of assuring quality program review
  • Module 2 Data-Informed Review Processes: Educates administrators about the key reasons to use data-informed decision making in-process review
  • Module 3 Linking Program Review to IE: This module helps administrators recognize the link between institutional effectiveness and program review
  • Module 4 Connecting IE to Accreditation: Explores how reporting institutional effectiveness data is imperative to the accreditation process

Intro to Accreditation Syllabus

 The Center for Higher Education Mission Statement

The Center for Higher Education Leadership (CHEL) was formed to provide academic leaders with information and a supportive community for improving management and leadership skills in an environment of changing demographics, financial challenges, and advances in educational technology.

  • 1 - Module 1: Assuring Program Quality Overview
  • 2 - Module 2: Data-Informed Review Processes
  • 3 - Module 3: Linking Program Review to IE
  • 4 - Module 4: Connecting IE to Accreditation

Terri Givens
Dr. Givens
Bonnie Thomas
Primary Teacher