Higher Ed Admin 101 (Self-Paced)
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This course will provide the unique opportunity to collaborate with participants new to higher education administration and to have a defined space to address the unique challenges and issues faced relevant to the areas of development, research, and finance.

The course is structured to balance audio/visual materials as a foundation for meaningful discussion while requiring the active participation of each individual by bringing your own experience to the forefront of some of the most pressing issues for colleges and universities today.

Helpful tips/suggestions as you begin this journey:

  • Do not feel obligated to have one extended block of time to submit all communications and review all resources for the week. Approach each week based on a schedule allowing you to focus your time on the resources presented and the conversation at that time.
  • Consider conversations and dialogue amongst each other that exceeds the requirements for the course. It is the goal of each of the New and Emerging Administration (NEA) courses to develop lasting points of connection for all participants.
  • Please feel free to reach out to the Center for Higher Education and Leadership (CHEL) support or your course facilitator at any point throughout your experience.

Lance Kyle Bennett Lance Kyle Bennett

Willie Bradley Willie Bradley

Tammy Dieterich Tammy Dieterich

Schnaude Dorizan Schnaude Dorizan

Tarrant Figlio Tarrant Figlio

David McCool David McCool

Jeremy Morris Jeremy Morris

Amaia Ojer Amaia Ojer

Elizabeth Osika Elizabeth Osika

James Pacello James Pacello

Amy Rapp Amy Rapp

Leila Ricci Leila Ricci

Leila Ricci Leila Ricci

Todd Rosenstiel Todd Rosenstiel

Ed Sawyer Ed Sawyer

Lena Walton Lena Walton

Leslie Wolf Leslie Wolf

Terri Givens
Dr. Givens