Program Review
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Course Description

Through CHEL 105, you will understand the critical interplay between program review, assessment, institutional effectiveness, and accreditation.  Learn why strategic advantage accrues to institutions that align and integrate these discrete projects.

 Course Outcomes

  • Gain knowledge of the accreditation process
  • Learn about the systematic role of the peer reviewer in the process
  • Understand how program review influence institutional effectiveness
  • How to use institutional data to inform decision making

 Overview of the Course

  • Module 1 Assuring Program Quality Review: explores the critical relationship between institutional mission and program review processes—and how connecting program review to the institution’s marketplace strategy is essential to making program review intrinsically valuable.
  • Module 2 Data-Informed Review Processes: explores the landscape of data resources and the questions one should ask about the data, its provenance, comparative value, and the questions that endure even after the review is complete.
  • Module 3 Linking Program Review to Institutional Effectiveness (IE): has its roots in the quality management movement popularized by W. Edwards Deming.  Now a pervasive concept, IE shapes the kinds of questions a strong program review should ask and answer.
  • Module 4 Connecting Institutional Effectiveness to Accreditation: This brings the implicit model full-circle so that the act of program review is firmly fixed in the institutional interest and engenders the support of both stakeholders and leadership.
Discussion Board 

Program Review Syllabus

 The Center for Higher Education Mission Statement

The Center for Higher Education Leadership (CHEL) was formed to provide academic leaders with information and a supportive community for improving management and leadership skills in an environment of changing demographics, financial challenges, and advances in educational technology.

  • 1 - Module 1: Assuring Program Quality Review
  • 2 - Module 2: Data-Informed Review Processes
  • 3 - Module 3: Program Review Drives Quality Review
  • 4 - Module 4: Approaching Synthesis
  • 5 - CHEL 105 - Asynchronous Discussion Forum Preparation

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Dr. Givens