Sponsorship and Advertising

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Company Overview

The Center for Higher Education Leadership (CHEL) will provide academic leaders with information and a supportive community for improving management and leadership skills in an environment of changing demographics, financial challenges and advances in educational technology.

On the job training is difficult in the current higher ed environment. There are many challenges that require knowledge of government regulations (particularly Title IX), opportunities to improve student success, and understanding of educational technology that can help a leader be more successful in their job.

CHEL is a portal that includes the following components:

  • Higher Ed Connects: A twice-monthly magazine that provides information on some of the most important issues for academic administrators–it’s not news, but real world issues from HR to accreditation, and more. Coverage will include information relevant for institutions from large public institutions to small privates, and community colleges.
  • Podcast with interviews of higher ed, ed tech and government leaders.
  • Webinars for potential, new and experienced leader.
  • Community channels for leaders at different levels from different areas of campus, e.g., Deans, Student Affairs, Finance, Provosts, AVPs.
  • Guides that do a deep dive on specific topics like Assessment, Title IX, Faculty Development, Student Success, Software, etc.
  • Online courses for higher ed administrators.